Some New Distractions!

So been doing well health wise and spending less time computer gaming and online. Anyways today we upgraded our satellite tv and I bit the bullet and signed up for Aussie netflix. Looking forward to catching up with a lot of stuff I’ve been missing and trying hard to watch more movies!

Also started painting some of the plastic model kits I’ve been collecting. I’m trying to set aside a good couple of hours in the afternoon to do some assembly and painting. It’s, like many things, a work in progress but happy with progress!

Tomorrow I’m starting first episode of Stranger Things finally! :slight_smile:


Netflix is great. I don’t watch anything else at the moment. Enjoy!

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Hey that’s great @rogueone!!

Distractions really are nice when having this illness.

As for myself, I’ve been distracting myself lately with filmmaking type stuff.

Take care. :slight_smile:


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