Some days i don't feel like talking

when I m in a load auditorium the ring in my head get to my ears and then it limits my hear to zero. making it imposable to hear you or even my self. and it is embarrassing to me ,so I don’t feel like talking. tell it wears off.


I’ve felt that way the past week or so. It’s freaked my parents out. But I really just haven’t been in the mood to chat. Plus the modafinil break has been hitting me hard. Narcolepsy really sucks…hard to find anything to say when you’re that sleepy…

I feel that way sometimes.
On some days, if people don’t prompt or adress me directly, I just don’t open my mouth.
I’ve been practicing putting words to my thoughts, but sometimes there’s just no thoughts to grab.

In a frustrating place lately. Don’t feel like talking and struggle to socialise, but am also really really lonely.

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