Social defeat predicts paranoid appraisals in people at high risk for psychosis


The experience of social defeat may increase the risk of developing psychotic symptoms and psychotic disorders. We studied the relationship between social defeat and paranoid appraisal in people at high risk for psychosis in an experimental social environment created using Virtual Reality (VR).

We recruited UHR (N = 64) participants and healthy volunteers (N = 43). Regression analysis was used to investigate which baseline measures predicted paranoid appraisals during the VR experience.

At baseline, UHR subjects reported significantly higher levels of social defeat than controls (OR = .957, (CI) .941–.973, p < .000). Following exposure to the VR social environment, the UHR group reported significantly more paranoid appraisals than the controls (p < .000). Within the UHR sample, paranoid appraisals were predicted by the level of social defeat at baseline, as well as by the severity of positive psychotic and disorganised symptoms.

In people who are at high risk of psychosis, a history of social defeat is associated with an increased likelihood of making paranoid appraisals of social interactions. This is consistent with the notion that social defeat increases the risk of developing psychosis.

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Very interesting. Perhaps the aerly twenties where many get psychotic, is also a time where you make it or break it socially. Theres no support anymore and it becomes obvious whos a social succes and whos not. I will consider this for myself.

What is social defeat?

The question for me is does social defeat lead to psychosis or is social defeat due to negative peer reactions to already present psychotic traits/unusual behaviour.?

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i never considered myself to be socially defeated or being abnormal but still developed this schizophrenia from out of nowhere.

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I never heard of social defeat before.

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Yes. It might be wishfull thinking from my part, BUT I fit the social defeat very well, as well as the trauma model in childhood. Thats why I find these non-bilogical theories interesting, plus I didnt have any symptoms until I was 26, positive that is.