So this cute guy asked me if I had an old man

Not knowing slang, I said “Yes.” thinking he meant my father. Duh!!! Missed a golden opportunity.


I always enjoy your posts @PinCushion .

I too have missed golden opportunities due to being a bit inexperienced.


You coulda got some booty tang. Ah well you’ll get em next time :wink::partying_face:


My life is all about missing opportunities and I got so used to it now.

You miss 100% of the shots you dont take.

~ the town drunk
:beer: :beers: :beer:

It was Wayne Gretzky :grin:


My life was too depressing to even try for a shot.

Ehem… Umm do you have an old man? Cause i’m old, well not that old ponders for a moment and slightly rotund, erm… what do you consider cute? I’m open for suggestion, not a field player, focused. Or please bounce me in a direction. To start a dialogue.

i was always confused about that saying, cause ive heard people say it with reference to their wife and to their parents. :joy:

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