So that’s what it taste like

Weirdest feeling has been creeping up on me at night. It makes me stand at the window and passively watch the water.

Negative symptom is punctuated with apathy and lack of want or lack of motivation and lack of desire.
This new feeling isn’t apathy though I’m not striving to do anything. There is also a lack of want, but only because I feel I have what I need. There is a lack of motivation to change this feeling, but I feel I would work to keep it. It’s been happening a few times. When I get back from the parents house and they are all fine, and the kid sis is in her room studying, and the place is calm.

I’ve been told it sounds like contentment, satisfaction…

I never thought I’d live long enough to get a taste of this.
However my paranoid side has to tell me… “It’s probably negative symptom wrapped in chocolate.”

Yes it sounds like contentment. We get so used to certain feelings, good or bad, so new ones feel out of place. Old habits or feelings may try to make their way back as they are safe in how they feel. Know that you are in a good spot right now and hold on to that.



You have been doing an amazing job of taking care of yourself and your sis. You’re working, you’re on a good med combo, you’re socializing here on the forum, and giving great advice and perspective.

It’s quite possible that what you’re feeling is a true, positive emotion of contentment. So enjoy it!

You deserve it :slight_smile:



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Wow, a positive emotion instead of a positive symptom. :wink:

This is very new for me. I will definitely enjoy this while it last.

Thank you.

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it sounds like contentment, good on you, you deserve it.
take care