So I just got diagnosed!

I’ve been struggling with depression, and all the symptoms of scizophrenia silently and alone for years, I turn 21 this year and my family finally has access to therapy so I got my diagnosis of schizoaffective.

I’m so happy to finally know whats going on, and that I know that I’ve really been trying to do my best, but sort of as time goes on I get afraid again. I don’t quite know how to deal with the fact that my reality will be so different than it should be, and the fact that I’ll never be like them.

It’s nice to know that I have dealt with this the best that I can, but does anyone have any advice or support? I just feel kinda alone?



This forum can be pretty addictive, just to give you a heads up. Try to ration your time here, or you’ll end up looking at the forum every time you get stressed out. It’s a vicious cycle.

It’s a nice place for support during times you want to stay at home, but true recovery happens outside, at places like a mental health clubhouse or a part-time job if you can manage that.


@nobodyhere I am sorry you feel alone…join us here for discussion and support…don’t worry about getting a part time job of any kind right now…you need time to heal…a new diagnosis is really scary and heavy for someone to accept…it took me a long time to accept the diagnosis…please find hope that life isn’t over…you can be happy as a schizophrenic…it just takes time and insight…good luck.


First of all welcome to the forum. I was initially diagnosed with schizophrenia paranoia. Later I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. From what I’ve read the first ten years are the most difficult for schizophrenics. My advice is to follow through with a psychiatrist, get on the right medication treatment plan and most importantly take your medication as prescribed.

The first few years I was against having to take medication for my illness. It fried my brain and I ended up living in situations that weren’t very accommodating. I ended up in a mental institution for a number of months. I realized over time the most normal I could be was when I was taking meds. Otherwise I’d have bizarre and irrational thoughts. I know being diagnosed is difficult and accepting the diagnosis can be just as difficult if not more.

Here you’ll find plenty of support. Feel free to ask questions, start threads, follow discussions, add your commentary, or just chime in any time. There are many here who lead productive and fairly successful lives. There are some who have lived with the illness for a long time. People are generally kind here. Just remember the religious and political posts are against the forum rules and you should be fine! Welcome!


Welcome to the site! It is a lovely place here, people are very supportive and informative. My advice - make sure you continue to take your medication as prescribed. Keep talking to your pdoc and/or case manager. Be honest about how things are going for you. Perhaps even seek out a support group in your local area if you wish to feel less lonely. I’m in one and it is great. Once again, welcome.

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Welcome! 15151515

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Welcome to the forum @nobodyhere. I’m sza too. The forum is a great place for sz’s and sza’s to get together and socialize online. We are all great friends here and everyone is very friendly. We will most certainly welcome you with open arms. We like welcoming new people.


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