So here's what I was up to today

I have a co-worker who is also a singer. I’m teaching him how to do better videos for his cover songs. This was our first attempt:

It’s a tad rough since we’re both learning as we go. He recorded the vocals and I mixed them with the background track. Also shot the video and edited. Probably half of the footage turned out as crap. Glad I shot extra.

The anti-depressants are helping, I’m not just spending weekends watching Netflix. Actually went out and did something productive for the first time in a while.



I am glad your meds is working
Also the song is very good

dude that’s good work… the transitions were good… dude can sing… his singing moves were good… it all pulled together with the music… backround was well thought out…

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An interesting hobby but it’s great your doing something your interested in! Well done for you! It wasn’t too bad!

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Pfffft, that’s not “a tad rough”, that’s a really professional looking video, both the singing and the video editing and mixing. If this is your first attempt, I can only imagine what your second attempt will look like. Really nice work! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice work, Pix!

You’re a multi-talented fellow, that’s for sure…from photography to videos. Just don’t let your modesty get in your way on your life’s travels.

When you’ve got it in spades, flaunt it! I think Art is 50% inspiration/ creativity and 50% having the confidence to let it all hang out! :wink:

It was all good. Not my favorite genre of music but was professional to say the least.

I’d like to make a music video one day

Wish you goodluck

The close-up of G on the swing is out-of-focus. He pushed back just out of the focal plane without me realizing it. There was no one at the park when we showed up, but then families and kids started arriving and we had to work around them, especially since the kids were trying to get into each shot. Some of the shots were rushed as a result. It was also hot out and I kind of baked my noodle in the sun waiting between shots.

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Did a photo shoot for my friend the singer on Thursday evening. Turned out well.

Wellbutrin is a godsend – my creativity is coming back!



Nice shot. Looks kinda like my brother.

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