The wind is howling outside, and I am snugly warm in my hammock chair, drinking my coffee. I love moments like this.

Side note: despite the storm, my flight still says it’s on time. I’m wondering how long that will last. Theoretically, it will clear up later in the day.


nice socks …is it an Arabian sock ur wearing…?? lol ? ???

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You are no doubt doomed, nice socks though


Nice photo! Sorry about the weather, I don’t like bad/cold weather myself…

Wonderful moments.

Is it not common to use electric heater in your country?

Most people have gas or electric heaters. Our house was built in the 1800’s and is very rustic.


I like your socks too. Your socks have made quite a fashion splash on the forum this morning. :smile:

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The snow still hasn’t flown where I live yet, but I have heard conflicting reports about how bad we’ll get it this winter.

I love winter. Nice photo!

We still haven’t left the airport yet. At this point I am almost certain we will miss our connection and be stranded in Newark for the night.

Ugh, I spent overnight in Newark once - not fun!

All is well! We are being rerouted through Chicago and bumped up to first class for our troubles!


Sorry if you get stuck there! Once got stuck in Atlanta airport for 22 hours that was unfunny. But is a nice airport to get stuck in? Or one of those agh! Ones?

Hugs keep combfy and hi to Mr Star

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Nice! And in true Derpy style My timing is completely off! Have a good fight thingie

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Haha the flight attendant just announced that Galaxy Note 7s are not allowed on the plane in carry on or checked baggage and must be immediately removed from the flight. Like anyone would fess up to owning the exploding phone just to get it confiscated forever.


“Umm yes I have a G7!” Agh! Is the shoe bomber! No silly is the phone bomber! No! Is the G7 that’s code for the galaxy destroying bomb! Did you not see the avangers movie!" Agh! My pants are on fire!
As the phone sets pants on fire, fires


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Hahahahaha wonderful!

I giggles soooo much typing that out :slight_smile:
Tried to think of airplane movie lines but can only remember two of them lol both are bad choices :stuck_out_tongue: I can just see one if those phones setting someone pants on fire.

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First class was awesome! I got a fancy dinner, roasted mixed nuts served hot, and an ice cream sundae for dessert! So classy!


What a fun trip! Ive never been bumped up to first class, but that would be an adventure. Thank you for sharing it virtually so I can experience it vicariously.

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