"Smurf of Jupiter" by Train a Huck Finn Cover

Since im a smurf covering this song should be in the Fair Use realm :slight_smile:


You are a very talented musician. I clicked watch in youtube and I liked and subscribed

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much gracias :slight_smile:

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@Minnii my friend of hippie souls

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Naught to Shabby Yo … ,

Are You a Fan of TANTRIC e(Y)e Remember tha SonG BREAKDOWN (by) Those Dudes … ,

Your Carayzee Smurfie $0NG Remyndes Me of those Dudes … ,

Good Job Smurfie of Jurfie (!!!) ,

and e(Y)e Have to Admit , tha Mini Solo Was a Cool Surprise … … …

(EDIT) ,

Naught Evn Gonna Saye it .

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im not familiar no. ty tho. i might record this with a bit more advanced solo areas

Ok e(Y)e’ll Saye thus then … ,

" tell me " (minisolo) " did you sail across tha sun " (mini solo) ,

Fynde tha Rythym & Split Open tha Lyrics , in Between Such … … …

agreed :slight_smile: i see it that way too. i recorded this on vid after 5 minutes of finding the chords online

it needs some pauses between with the leads yea :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s Naught to Difficult With those Who Are Understanding tha Basic Chord Structure … … …

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Do Some Neil Young … ,

There , You Can Be Famous Now … ,

YAY (!) ,

Everyone’s Famous Now (!) ,

Yay (!) .

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Great cover, I like your covers :smile: :upside_down:

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Ty Minnii :slight_smile: I like your input :slight_smile:

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This is awesome. Id love to see some more of your covers :smile:

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