Smprz med change

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  • geodon

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If you are concerned about cardiac issues then I would try out Abilify first - Geodon is known to cause heart issues.

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Obsessed with my heart! After Latuda I had chest pains and shortness of breathe when I would drink caffeine with it.

I am obsessed with my heart too, after Risperdal caused Tachycardia - fast and furious heart beats

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H E L L O. Please vote by Thursday.


I’m on abilify, but didn’t vote. Abilify at 10mg for me is doing the job, but I find it very difficult to tolerate it due to anxiety.

I had cardiac issues on 20mg, but not on 10mg which is what I’m on now.

Good luck with whatever decision you make.
There is research to indicate that >15mg is no better than 15mg. Here’s that research:

Uh… has Smprz84 changed his username to @Jumanji ?!

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Hi,I didn’t get on with abilify at all it gave me ocd and made me really restless…it was a terrible feeling…it had my feet shuffling but everyones different I know.Hippo

Would geoden be effective for hearing voices?

No one really knows how any certain med is going to effect any certain person.

I know…Blah blah I don’t know why I bother.

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Go to bed. :sleeping:

I vote for going with what your doctor recommends.


Man I’m trying. Sucks

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My doctor is full of sh*t! I told you that before. They just try whatever on you and say peace out. Come again.

a) The process required to become a doctor screens out 99% of the incompetents.

b) The odds of you knowing more than your doctor are very, very low. The only time I recommend changing doctors is when you get one that doesn’t encourage you to work towards recovery. There are doctors with poor attitudes out there. If you have one of those, definitely consider trading up.

c) Finding the right med takes a LONG time. I sabotaged myself early on by giving up on meds too quickly and refusing to give myself a chance to acclimatize to meds or side-effects. I get the sense you need to be more patient in this department.

d) My heart is a piece of crap. No, seriously, it is. I can’t do a lot of things other people can because of it. Despite this, my cardiologists aren’t too worried about me taking Geodon. They are more concerned about my weight. They regard the cardiac risk posed by Geodon as theoretical at best.

Hope this helps. Also hoping you will give your doc a chance. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed over the past two decades of having SZ is that people who don’t work with their doc usually have a much poorer outcome than people who do.


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Thanks pixel. I worry about the heart thing allot.


So far Abilify is in the lead :clock1: :pill:

Is Geoden at all like Risperdal?