Smog test has to be a scam

For a car I don’t use much it should have passed easily. after paying $50 and failing the technician told me to go drive 25 miles, creating more smog and exposing me to dangerous high speeds, because my car is not yet ‘in harmony’ with the internal computer. then I will return and fail again for another $50. rinse, repeat.

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How new is the car?

  1. it’s not new. I drive it every day but never far or on freeways. because of that a component doesn’t get hot and activate the internal computer, according to the technician.

I have to say that does sound sketchy.

There’s a lot of scams in the autorepair industry. Two of the cars I owned got messed up. When I had my car in they fked up the engine so it didn’t run right. First time I let it go as a coincidence, but then at the same garage, different car, it happened again. No way to prove anything. I was in my early 20’s at the time. Pretty naive.

My experience is that independent mechanics are more trusthworthy because they depend on a good rumour for business. The large companies draw in business regardless.

I guess it’s hard or impossible to find independents for electrical or hybrid cars though.

I have similar driving habits as you and my previous car (2007) never failed a smog check.

I would recommend trying another smog check station.
(After first parking your car under a nice green tree and meditating whilst listening to soothing new agey music. :smile: Just kidding)

They could have checked if the OnBoard Diagnostic system was on and the car was ready to be tested. they waited until after the test so that I pay $50 for the service. now I have to go drive 25 miles today

ty for replies!

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