Smart Toilets

Ok, I had no idea there were smart toilets. Over the weekend I installed a new toilet, thought it was special for being push button dual flush.

But…look at this


I thought it was a cpu.

Crazy. I’ve heard these sorts of toilets are big in Japan and not sure they are available domestically out here but hey. Your shelling out 12k on a toilet it would want to be smart!

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I’m in the middle of telling my boss we need one. She isn’t convinced for some reason.

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You got a bidet now, how very cosmopolitan! :laughing:

Really doe, am slightly jelly of your fancy new toilet :sweat_smile:— enjoy!

EDIT: Ohhhh wait, I don’t think you got the smart toilet. Still though, I would push for one. Some of them even blow air to dry your bits off!

We bought one at the outset of the pandemic. They take some getting used to.

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Ha! No, no, we don’t have the smart toilet. We have a push button dual flush. No bidet. I wish! I don’t want to hook one up.


That’s a nice toilet :smiley:

I’d rather buy 13,000 trees or ten alleys than pay $13,000 for a toilet.

Wow that’s cool but pricey

LOL! OMG! So ridiculous!!! I read the whole description - lighting? Music? Seriously?!

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