Slower time and faster time

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Time can pass faster or slower, it really depends. :clock10:

How can it be? Well, seconds pass faster, minutes that follows, hours and days pass slower, so are months and years. Decades and centuries are the slowest.

While waiting the time almost stops.


I suppose it is the state of the mind how fast one experiences time going. For example, when I lived in my auto in America over 730 days, over two years, time went very fast.

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Time is strictly relative, if thatโ€™s not an oxymoron. (How can something be strictly anything, if it is always relative.)

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Philosophically speaking, yes!

Personally, I, too, feel time is slower while waiting, and feel time is faster during the happy moments.

Although I donโ€™t quite understand about relativity, I know that is a theory by Einstein. :bulb:

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