Sleeping habits

I have always had trouble with sleep since very young. I typically fall asleep between 3-7 am even with the seroquel. I have been taking it earlier to see if it would make a difference, and it hasn’t yet. I guess it is just how things are for me. Zyprexa worked better, but the diabetes risk was too worrisome for me so I switched. I know seroquel isn’t much better, though.

There is a medicine called “amytriptiline” (not sure of spelling) that can help you establish a regular sleeping schedule. It is a tricyclic antidepressant combined with a sedative. I was on it for a while, and it got me on a regular sleeping schedule. It lasted only about six months, though. I’d had bad insomnia since I was seven years old.

if i go naturally i start feeling tired about 5-6 am and wake up around 3-4 the next day. if medicated i can sleep earlier, but i still dont wake up until 3-4

Off any medication I can’t fall asleep naturally until 4 am. With sleep training over a period of weeks I can move that up 2-3 hours earlier. I also tend to sleep about 11 hours before I feel rested enough to wake up, and even then I can only stay awake on average 2 hours before being hit w random sedation and having to nap or else deal with being barely functional for the next 5 hours. I can only seem to be awake 2-3 hours at a time without needing to nap in general. On a bad day where I haven’t eaten much, 1 hour. Again this is off of any medication including psych meds so this is just my brain.

I’m also diagnosed w narcolepsy and delayed sleep phase disorder (which basically just means my circadian rhythm is backwards) though.

I do sleep atleast six hours at night, and then will take a power nap before lunch. I feel so exhausted for the past couple of days.

I normally wake up around 10 but today I woke up at 6. And I have nothing to do…

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