Sleep Rhythm and Olanzapine

I am sure people here hear this a lot given that some of us are actually like to be productive or creativ . How do some of you manage your sleep whilst on Olanzapine?


  • try to take the medication at the same time (12am for me)
  • try to fall asleep at the same time (1am)
  • get regular exercise (big struggle)

These are about the only things i feel people can do.

There is also some sleep information on whether you are an Owl, a Lark of a Switcher. Ie if you naturally go to be early and rise early, go naturally to bed late and rise late or can do both.

I started olanzapine (zyprexa) last night and it didn’t knock me out like I’ve heard but on a side note no meds for mental health have ever “knocked me out” maybe a little drowsy but not like how I see other people get when they take them. However I’ve eaten 4 whole meals and snacks today. Im a bit worried :worried:

Sounds like you may gain weight.

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Yea I know is the craving for food really that bad? And I have one of the best metabolisms ever. I’m a calorie burning anomaly. And I’m only on 2.5 mg right now. For it to work I’m guessing I’m going to have to go up. :sweat: