How many of you have been skydiving? Also do any of you skydive often for a hobby? I’m curious if sz paranoid delusions gets in the way of doing high risk activities like this.

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I nearly ■■■■ myself thinking about it.


I’ve been once a few years ago but my current financial situation does not give me the opportunity to do anything like this. It was a fun experience that I’d recommend everyone try at least once before they die.

Would love to in Dubai :smile:

Ill do this activity when i am pure energy.

I never needed risk to have a good time.

My current state is not well suited for plummeting toward the earth at terminal velocity.


You live in Dubai or just want to skydive there?

Im thinking about it now.

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It’s fun but expensive. I recommend trying it if you can afford to! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up bro.

I have no desire to go skydiving. I don’t even feel safe going up long flights of stairs, lol.

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I live in the UK

You have got to be kidding

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Why would I be kidding?

I can barely drive my car without freaking out (agoraphobia/panic)
Do you honestly think I am going to jump out of a plane?

lol I dont think so :laughing:


i did parachuting at school at 16/17…i did two jumps.
take care :alien:

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Only me and darksith have tried skydiving?

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