Skiing for the first time

I was skiing for the first time in my life today. I fell just once. Now my feet and legs hurt. But it was nice to feel the wind in my face and the view from the mountain top was breathtaking. I will do it again on tuesday. Rest tomorrow.

My kids ski like they have never done anything else. :slight_smile:


That’s great @Comatose! I’ve only been to the snow once but never skiied, would love to! Hope you had a great time and can do it again.

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I went skiing one time; kinda. I went to the top of the mountain, looked over the edge, took off my skis, and sold my lift ticket. LOL! I was soooooo scared!


Kudos for you for having the courage to try something new!

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really cool, dont fall :smile:

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I went skiing once. All I was interested in was getting a smooch while on the lift from this one girl I had the hots for (which I achieved). Aside from that, the experience was a disaster. I kept crossing my skis and going ass over elbows. Lucky I didn’t tear up a knee.

That was what I thought I’d do down the hill.

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