Sketches and scribble things thread

edit, i cut out the third person as they don’t fit in this sketch

thankyou @velociraptor for the inspiration from your photography


Well done!

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thankyou so much !

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Looks good. Good job. :penguin::penguin::penguin:

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Great talent. Wish I was as good as you. Might do some art tomorrow. Haven’t been doing much of anything constructive recently.

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Thanks for the compliment star.
I mainly just draw to kill time, I think that’s not a bad idea if you feel like it too.
How is the course going?, @Star84

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Yeah I spend a lot of time doing absoloutely nothing. Would like a fuller schedule doing stuff like art, practising music, crocheting, listening to audio books and watching films and exercising.

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Haven’t done anything for course in a while.

For me the thing that helps is not overwhelming my self with too many things.

My life is so basic right now.

All I do is search for jobs during weekdays.

Swim on weekdays.

Then sketch. In the evening and come on here or maybe message a friend.

Maybe don’t put too much on your plate of things to do

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Amazing @Mae, you’ve got talent.


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Thankyou @velociraptor :slight_smile:

Thankyou @GrayBear :slight_smile:

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Thanks that’s really great advice. I’ll try to build up slowly.

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Do you have problems focusing?

I’m not even sure you know.

Definitely with watching movies they’ve really got to draw me in for me to want to watch them.

And at bus stops I find that difficult the waiting for buses.

And yea reading books too but I don’t know if that’s due to medication anymore

What med and dose are you on at the moment?

I find listening to audio books better than reading now. I’m on Depixol. Not sure how much but think it’s a low dose.

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That’s great you found an alternative to reading books

Managed to watch a series on TV earlier. It was like 45 minutes.

Maybe your focus is improving

My focus is a lot better than it was. Hoping to regain it completely:

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Yea you can get there. Hopefully!

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