Six hours off!

Just found out that my internet gonna shut down from 00:00-6.00 :sob:
I hope I will survive. (If not, let it be known that I leave my bug collection and my old phone and my fluffy Hello Kitty to notmoses)

But I was thinking… It would be so nice if something sweet happens after such a long and painful break.
( Its the end of the month. I might be considered @SzAdmin, please?)

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Ahhh I don’t know what I’d do without internet for 6 hours. Hell I don’t know what I’m gonna do without Sarad for 6 hours :wink:

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You’re definetly in the minority then. :slight_smile:

No wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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You should be asleep at those hours, lady. Back when I didn’t have a computer I would browse on my phone, but 3G is iffy so had to use Wi-Fi mostly. In any case, you shall see the internet, while a necessity can make you forget about other ways to entertain yourself. Draw a portrait or read a book! :wink:

How can you sleep knowing there’s no internet :confused:

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Go to California to search for any type of internet. Only to find it’s being rationed in 40 second intervals.:stuck_out_tongue:

Its my fiesta time! :revolving_hearts:


See you later…

Hey ekoms What’s Up … ,

Long T(Y)me No See …


Trying to cope with the stress of school. I wonder why I even try sometimes but maybe I have it in me to go until the end. Been reading some of your threads and can find some inspiration in what you say. Stay chill, buddy boy!

Thanks ,

So Whats Tha Word Yo (???)

Emperor was on here but hasn’t posted in a while. I sometimes exchange e-mails with loopyloo, apart from that, haven’t heard much from the other posters although alias has posted here on occasion.

If You See Her Again Let Her Know That I Am Here … ,

Somet(Y)mes I Dissapear ,

So Send Her A Message To Inbox Me …

hey @Sarad you back online yet?

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Nope, I’m counting the last 25min until the breakdown :cry:

This is so stressful.

Bye-bye :disappointed:

And I still got no answer…

“Would you just shut up and leave?!”


I wish I knew what you were talking about getting from szadmin? ability to PM? what’s on your mind, @Sarad