Simvastatine for schizophrenia/psychosis?

Hi, Is seems promising, treats cholesterol and psychosis at the same time, is it safe to try adjunt?

the drug name is Simvastatine

This is news to me.

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Hi this is what I’ve found ts in dutch but it sais new treatment approaches it has minocycline too and above you see Simvastatine, i respond to minocycline but allergic since its anti biotic, maybe this Simvastatine will help??? I’ve attached the screenshot

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It says ketamine in the trial stage too??

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Yes, im not doing that Ketamine my pdoc sais NO! it will make me worse, the only thing that really got me into a remission for a while is minocycline after 3 full days! but nasty dangerous side effects from the mino.

I tried Glycine powder too with bad side effects too and didnt help at all had to quit that

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Simvastatine? worth a shot or not?

Simvistatin is cholestrol medication. I take because my AP (seroquel,) raises my cholestrol. It doesn’t help with anything else.

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What dose?

Sounds promising. Some people are probably going to respond and others not though, like anything else.

The 6 RCTs included in the analysis represented 339 participants (169 in treatment group versus 170 in placebo group). A test for overall effect demonstrated that the PANSS positive scale and negative scale significantly reduced in participants receiving compliant with statins. Our meta-analyses first clarified that adjunctive therapy with statins could improve psychiatric symptoms, either negative symptoms or positive symptoms.

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there are no where exact dosages to be found to take?

You need your doctor for this. It did say “high dose” and with antipsychotics of “high P-gp affinity.”

Also it indicated that improvement came over long term use, not just a few weeks.

This one says 40 mg.

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What Does that mean, im on Saphris 15 mg right now… im having some symptoms for a week now the doctor let me up my dosage I hope it goes away

I don’t know - presumably your doctor will know.

Googling it, the chemistry is over my head. But it looks like quetiapine and risperidone have a high affinity. I did not see saphris, but that doesn’t mean the data isn’t available, I just couldn’t say with a quick google search.

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friend twinklestars :slight_smile:

thanks for looking that up for us :slight_smile:

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