Sick of hanging out with my parents

I am sick of hanging out with my step-mother and father. I have been isolated a lot lately.


Didn’t you have a friend you play drums with?

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No, I use to have a drum teacher and we talked about my struggles. He talked about his past struggles as well.

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Why don’t you make friends?

I don’t go anywhere to make friends. I don’t have a job.

No need for a job. It could be family members like cousins, or ppl at church or you can use those websites that are to find friends. You can also talk to previous friends. You never had friends in your life?

Sometimes I need time away from my folks, too. So I have a little space in the basement, where I can hangout when I need solitude.

Yeah, I’ve had friends in my life.

Go to coffee shop talk to barista go to grocery store talk to cashier smile at people make small talk with everyone ! I’ve had periods without friends and that’s always what I did then all the sudden made new friends. It’s harder as an adult for some people though I empathize.

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