Should you keep the fact you're good at something to yourself?

I’m conflicted over this. I see saying I’m good at something as a counterbalance to the number of things I’m bad at; as a way of telling myself I’m not totally useless. However I get the feeling(accept it could be paranoia) that it’s regarded in a less than positive way by other posters. That posting about what I struggle with is seen in a more positive way.

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I think it’s great to hear about peoples’ successes not just their struggles.


It’s quite possible to share about things that are sucsessful. I doubt people perceive it as bragging. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I’ll get this intense feeling that I’ve done something wrong (committed a major social faux pas) not long afterwards.

I used to be good at music composition. Idk if I am anymore though.

I think it’s ok as long as you don’t brag about it. You can state this is what I’m good at but just leave it at that

You don’t seem like someone who brags to me. You seem quite self deprecating. I’m curious now - what are you good at?

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I like to hear about people’s successes too. Maybe your posts will inspire others to consider and embrace their own strengths too?

Crystallised/verbal intelligence.Finding information.I do reasonably OK on high range IQ tests, but have the rather frequent
adaptive functioning <intelligence thing going on that occurs in ASD.

That combination makes me feel like a fraud a lot of the time. There’s also the feeling that if I do well at something then most other people could do well at it.


a lot of time I read your articles, or findings,

but personally, I want to know more about You.

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I think its good to talk about what you’re good at and not only about what you’re bad at.

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There’s not much that’s worth knowing. This is a bit higgledy piggledy

Middle class upbringing, privately educated from 8-18, born in what’s now called Kinshasa-Democratic republic of Congo. Lived in Bangkok, San Francisco and Zurich as a child/teenager. That was because my father was a diplomat who alternated between postings abroad and working in London. Bullied badly at public school. Mediocre academic record. Very unpopular. Left handed, clumsy,poor coordination and gait, 5-11.5, overweight, hazel eyes, interested in genealogy -including DNA, politics, mental health, like doing tests. Married for nearly 19 years-with her for 22 years. She had vascular dementia the last few years.

Belong to several high IQ societies .
Listed on the World genius directory, and a few other smaller but similar lists(pure vanity). Like 60s music ,Doo wop, singer songwriters. Favourite male singer- Smoky Robinson. Favourite female singer-Joan Baez, with Judith Durham quite close behind.


I used to be good at college before I got prodromal schizophrenia and eventually schizophrenia. I say college because at community college I had a 3.89 uc gpa and a 3.9 csu gpa and tons of extracurricular activities and some decent awards there. Got 2 decent scholarships which surprised me: tutor of the year and some other scholarships.

Other than that I was average at things. I think I got Asperger’s Lite syndrome and was slow growing up and sort of dumb and socially awkward.

I might have ADD-Inatttentive type. I have severe negatives and cognitive problems from psychosis and just suffer from delusions right now. I’m improving and getting better but I feel like I lost 10-20 IQ points.

I have delusions I was a genius, but have no proof or accomplishments at all and recognition or achievements to speak of. No formal degrees.

I always thought my step-father was a moron but turns out he’s 10x smarter than me and has supposedly 3 masters degrees from a top school. I couldn’t believe that. He also was in the air force and did so much in life and could build a house and build a car and all that stuff. He’s an engineer by trade and design.

For me, I have nothing. I did nothing in life.


wow @firemonkey would love to see any pics you have of those cities.
I knew very little of this about you. thanks for sharing,
I’ll try to remember. love your fav. musicians by the way.


If all you talked about was your talents it would be one thing, but you talk way more about your shortcomings. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I have very few pictures of those places. My father gave a lot of those pictures to my sister.

Same here. Non academically speaking, I was young for my age.

Same here. Just 6 O levels.


Hmm. . .

Talents. Sharing Is Caring. Love. And Eternity.

The Sky Is Beautiful Blue.

The Grass Is Comforting Green.

Quite The Talent Of Nature.

I Am Personally Positive There Is No Other Way.

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This was said to me.
Occasional genius

I’m rather crap at a lot of things- adaptive functioning < intelligence. It’s rather OTT, but makes me feel a little less useless.


That’s a cool thing to be told. :slight_smile: