Should I go Back Monday? Poll

I have recovered my sleep, and I am less stressed and anxious now.

Today I will try to do all my chores in time to start work monday

I still have a week left on my doctors note, but I think I can do it. And I need the money

Do you think I should return to work Monday?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you think you’ll be alright what’s the harm in trying. If its too much then go back home.

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I think it would go down well with your employers too.

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There should be a middle option for a staggered return, where you do less hours to get you back in the swing of things.


@spiderpig has a good suggestion – it’s not uncommon to phase back in when returning to work from an extended medical or disability leave.

@Joker. You might consider inquiring about returning part-time for the first week, especially if you decide to return to work one week early.


I don’t think I can do it. I have got myself all in a mess again today and I don’t think I am ready.

I was positive about it when I posted this thread, but I have doubts now that I can cope with tomorrow

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I originally wanted to vote no but I was swayed by the mob mentality. I think you should take the week off and try and enjoy it and perhaps look at getting on disability if you find the same thing this time next week.

I don’t think I can go on disability without losing my home

@Joker. I think you should do what feels right to you. Only you can really know whether you feel ready to return to work early or not. If you’re unsure and wavering on the decision, my guess is that’s a sign that you’re not fully ready to return to work yet.

I have woken up this morning from a good nights sleep.

I am going to give work a go today.

There is no escape from the fact I will have to go back at some point, so it might as well be today


I hope you have a good day at work @Joker. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope it goes well! Best of luck to you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It went well but I am super drained. I would need to drive in myself Wednesday and Thursday but I do not feel safe driving on my own at the moment.

This return may have been short lived


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