Should i Complain?

Im currently under an Assertive Outreach Team where im supposed to have a support
worker visit me twice a week. Trouble is he is soo unreliable. Already ive left 3 messeages for him to contact me since last week. But he never gets back to me. Ive since found out he is now off work for “personal reasons”. All im asking is for some consistancy in my treatment plan. Im getting increasingly anxious about pay day and i really could do witth someone sitting down and helping me with my budgeting skills - but he seems to “pop” in for 10 minutes at a time and then Fuc*ks off soon after.

Even when i phoned up distressed after being a silly sod and cutting again - he didnt reply until 2 days after.

Should i register a complaint? Im supposed to be relying on him for support but instead he is causing me more anxiety by sitting indoors waiting for a phone call.
I realise current UK Mental Health support services are stretched - but surely i deserve better attention than this??

Any thoughts or feelings would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I’ll help you with your budget, I’m an accountant. You want to start with saving atleast 10%.

Make a list of your expenses and write down the amounts. Keep this list and track what you spent so you can do the same process next month and compare your estimate with actual expenses.

If you need help figuring out how much to spend I can help you too. Just give me some details


Thanks -

Here goes.

I get 375 a fortnight and 570 a fortnight after.

My current bar bill £100 (yes i know it sounds bad)
Tobbaco £80 fortnight
Food £50??

And a gas bill which will be about 300 quid on the 18 December.

Sorry im absolutly useless with money - my current benefits are being paid into a post office account at the moment - but im in the process of getting a bank account so at least i can get direct debits done for the fual account. I just have problems adding up.

Is the bar bill for 2 weeks? What about rent/ housing? How often do you get the utility bill? What about electricity, phone, tv? Car related or transportation?

You should aim to save 200/ month. That gives you 740 to spend. 360 on tobacco and alcohol leaves you with 380 for other expenses

The bar bill is for 2 weeks. Rent is paid for by council. Gas electtric is every 3 months. Phone is 20 month also i forgot to add. I dont drive - i have a disabled buss pass.

I get employment support allowance of 375 every 2 weeks. But every other 2 weeks it gets topped up to 570-590 with a personal indendepance payment.

Im just really shitty with managaing money mate. Im absolutly terrible. I can spend £60 quid on gadgets or just plain chinese electronic crap and yet not have enough money for milk in the fridge.

My maths is also really bad - I have real problems adding up numbers. Im sure ive been ripped off many times in the past.

Yes, you should report him. That’s a bunch of bullshit).

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Unfortunately programs like this are often understaffed thus employees are overworked. His short visits may be because he has tons of other people he also has to attend to that day.

Again unfortunately if you want a better chance of not having to deal with this you should go for a private service, which of course not everyone can do as they’re more expensive. Ugh.

So you really have 250 to spend on food and other stuff in the month or 60 per week

Yes i was thinking that. Dunno if your from uk - but theres a Patients advice liason service (PALS) that will handle a complaint if i choose to do so. I just feel constantly let down by him - hes supposed to me my “support” bloody worker!!!

Certainly could not afford it. Its all under the NHS…

yes. i think your correct. Im usally left with about £200-300 quid left to spend a fortnight - depending on the month.

If you can stick to 60 a week for food and gadgets you should be good.

So you get free housing?

My caseworker ignores me too. She never helps me when i ask her to. She doesn’t call me back either when i call her.

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I’d turn him in if I were you. This is unacceptable.

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yes free housing via housing benefit.

Phoned the assertive outreach team again. Hes stilll off for “personal reasons” - he was supposed to be seeing me today. I get better emotional support from my mates down the local pub!! When he calls next - im probably just going to refuse to see him. Se how he likes it. Im well anyway - im sorta tired im him poking his nose into my life anyway to be perfectly honest.

I would complain if I were you. I am cared for by the U.S.'s Veteran’s Administration Hospital system and as notorious as they are for bad care, I get excellent care from my doctors and nurses at the V.A. I have absolutely no complaints, I’m proud to say. I would even choose the V.A. over civilian care. That’s how good they are here in Omaha, NE.

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