Short Course. Flexible

I saw my jobs specialist and she was asking me to show a commitment and apply for a free course, there are various options and i have looked a few times at it but i’m getting bad vibes from it, its 129hrs over 20 wks & its flexible and online so i could work on it from home or at my charity, i dont really want to do it though & i feel some pressure :frowning: I dont want to let the person down but i am trying my best.

My job specialist is changing as well and i don’t like getting passed around,
I just started a couple of Months ago seeing this job person and the last few times another girl has been shadowing her and she seems nice enough but i’ not very happy about it, i just got to know this girl and now she is changing area :frowning:

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Yeah man go for it

Idk man, i don’t know why i wrote this, I’m just having a tough time with it at the moment, like i shown my commitment from the start with looking for jobs & applying & now its like i am getting pushed a bit more despite pushing myself as hard as i can.

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