Shaved for the first time in like 8 years. Didn’t enjoy it

For the longest while I have used beard trimmers and not touched a razor. I shaved my beard off and took a cheap razor to my face.

Oh the humanity

Gonna grow the beard again but trim it short once a week so I look presentable. For me this is kinda a goal I have - to take more care in my appearance. Not in a vain way more of a dignified way


Shaving is a pain in the butt.

I just use a beard trimmer for 5 minutes each week.


That is what I am planning on doing too. Shaving with a razor is horrible

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I keep it short (5mm).

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Just to let you know I have put this thread in health and recovery

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Yes grow the beard back. Men look nicer with beards I think :blush:

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I shave once a week.

I also had a big beard once. Now I shave probably twice a week.

I use a Wilkinson 5 blade hydro.

The blade is really old, but I just put more pressure on it. Probably should get more blades, but they’re so expensive. Last time it was cheaper to buy a new handle with free blades

8 years is a solid effort though!

I hate shaving too but I always shave it when it gets to about three weeks of growth. It just starts stabbing my lip and gets really uncomfortable, especially if I lay down on it. I always wonder how people with beards keep them without feeling uncomfortable.

That being said, I think a thin goatee makes me look better than when I’m clean shaven.

My son hasn’t shaved since he was 15. He had a beard in High School. lol. He just never liked shaving.

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Feel your pain matey. I’m sporting a crazy mo at the moment. When I got rid of the beard it was a massive effort and not much fun. Trimmers were crap and I had an old blunt razor…Had to ring up the old boy who was away to buy a decent blade…

Still. I like beards…not worrying about sunscreen out here is always good…but…I don’t mind my mo…I’m going for the 70’s fast bowler approach…I just need a gold chain and v necked cricket shirt! :slight_smile:

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