Shamans of the World

Has anyone read this book? I have gotten through the first 90 or so pages so far and it appears that the shamans interviewed experience the same types of phenomena that we do. Some of them claim to hear voices, be in contact with spirit guides, and even see people that other people cannot see. One man claimed to have seen a coyote sing a song and then transform into a human form.

I myself went to see a shaman in order to become one about three years ago, he too experiences the same things that a lot of schizophrenics report. He helped me out with a lot of things and to this way we are still friends. He has helped a ton of people throughout his life and has shown me a lot about the spirit world and how modern psychology does not fully comprehend these things.

I thought I would share a couple of passages from the book with you guys in case you are interested:

“The rocks in my dreams were the same. The heart of rock teaching is found in the designs of the rocks. If you look carefully at a rock and focus on it, it may tell you the life story of the world. This is because rocks hold the stories of the world. That’s how they hold Earth’s wisdom.”

“Our hands are a sacred gift from God. One hand holds the secret wisdom while the other plants the faith. The highest power can come through our brain to our heart and out through our hands, spilling onto those we touch in prayer. Our hands can be used to serve greed and corruption, or they may be the servants of God’s goodness. I am proud that my hands will always be directed to do good. My hands are the transmitters of my faith.”

And lastly:

"Have you ever seen a bird trying hard to sing?

Birds never work to make a song. They sing effortlessly.

That’s how they teach us to love one another.

We need to allow love to happen without any effort.

It is natural to love."

Hope this helps.

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Not a shaman at all, im a schizophrenic, same spirits though if that tells you anything about them.

They used to tell shaman to crack open our heads to let them out actually, and they would hold us down and do it because they were so brainwashed.

The ones tormenting some children as we speak, thats who the shaman speak with, yeah, they torture kids okay.

Look it up, jani, becca, the others on youtube screaming that “im not alone in here!” There is your shaman and their oh so wonderful spirits and guides.

They tell children to jump off of goddamn buildings for ■■■■’s sake. At least just do it to the assholes right, why kids? Kids?!

And pay closer attention to the birds from now on, all that they are doing is screaming actually, crying in pain and despair, that isn’t a song that you are hearing. And they are total assholes, i watch them daily maim eachother for control of the feeder, they are exactly like people actually in every last way.

Same ones who rule the vatican actually, shaman are good buddies with them, same ones, they rule earth and always did. Same ones who 60,000 people were slaughtered for on top of the pyramids in south america back in the day.

■■■■ em and ■■■■ shaman.

And seriously, if you take ayahuasca with a shaman and a goddamn snake shows up and ■■■■■■■ eats you then why not just try and put two and two together at that point. That isn’t some kind of great thing there, the bitch just eats you saying to you blantantly clear “you are my food.”

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