Sex offenders in nature

They function more like animals sexually and lack the humanity.

actions from non-human earthly beasts can’t be labeled as crimes because they can’t tell good from bad.

only from the human perspective

my cats know what they’re doing when they fight or play fight

They have a complex relationship i don’t see or understand

unless someone cites documented proof…


I actually clicked that…

My sleep deprivation is making me feel so off.

Anyway, I actually saw an article with pictures where a lion protected a wounded fox.

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Fixed the link for you @flameoftherhine :smile_cat:


Man that link has nahnahnahbooboo in it lol

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Having been preyed on sexually, it is my opinion that while they CAN control themselves (often) they ‘choose’ not to. They allow their primal animal need for sex and power to influence their behavior. In fact, a lot of people who are not necessarily “sex offenders” still follow their primal brain and behave in a sexually predatory way. They are not using their brain’s cortex. The part of us that has evolved to control ourselves and treat each other humanely and not like prey. It is a matter of choosing to behave in an emotionally evolved and humane way.

Yep, sex offenders, drug addicts, people for war, child neglect, greed, power moves, control freaks, idle hands who seek to slit your throat, racists, xenophobes, bigots, animal killers, ruling class torture freaks, scam artists, dark magic practioners who will cut your head of for free ■■■■ from the dark ones, smokers who torture themselves to death, eaters who torture themselves to death, the chaotic ones, the indifferent ones who could walk by a starving kid and just grin, the users, the psychos, the mad scientists(that’s a big one responsible for the death of millions), terrorists, conspiracies, knowing spreaders of aids and other std’s.

And let’s not forget the big one which the entire planet is involved with right now, eternal torture freaks, almost the entire planet wants to torture everyone else forever even though they were doing the same things.

Oh i almost forgot an old favorite, drunk drivers right? Willing to rip off your head so they can get home faster so they can whack off and go to bed. So as you ride home from the ice cream place with your family these here fellas will just t-bone you at fifty miles an hour and murder you kids in cold blood.

The list goes on and on and on and on and on with the entire human race and it’s all on repeat, we’re a crop and we just repeat over and over again.

I want to meet the innocent one i really would, but i’m not sure if they were even real, i used to believe in them but now i’m not so sure.

You know most of humanity wants to enslave you, for your entire lifetime, don’t worry it should take awhile for you to kill yourself, shouldn’t be that bad. They want it and you are going to get your ass to work to give it to them, they do nothing, you do everything and you are murdered by way of a slow painful death provided to you by the great and wonderful mankind!

And i’m loving this whole get to outerspace horseshit, great ■■■■■■■ idea that is, ruin your home and then go into the worst environment any could imagine for any of us. Imagine living up there and having a guy like dahmer be born with you as you make your way through the tunnels because there is no outside anymore.

Look into the therianthropes, many of us have seen them and they were trying to tell us all something with that. They’d appear that way to let us know it was us, we’re the animals, we’re the darkness.

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In nature there are plenty of creature where one gender forces itself on the other. Even the ones that do a mating dance seem to be that the female let her guard down and the male forces himself on her. Sometimes for some species the females are bigger. Some spiders kill there mates after sex. Maybe you should treat humans as a separate species and not draw inspiration for the rest of the animal kingdom.

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