Severe mental illness linked to substantially increased risk for CVD

Compared with the general population, those with severe mental illness have a substantially increased risk for CVD, according to findings recently published in World Psychiatry.

Researchers suggested that their findings indicate clinicians should regularly screen patients with severe mental illness for CVD, and proactively manage risk factors for the condition, such as BMI and weight.{74ec61cc-a640-4ae1-8f35-bb07c23b22a4}/severe-mental-illness-linked-to-substantially-increased-risk-for-cvd


Won’t this pro antipsychotic pill website block this for revealing that," Researchers also found that those with major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia were all at increased risk of CVD-related death vs. controls. CVD incidence increased with antipsychotic use." ?

It’s not all good news on the ap front… :stuck_out_tongue:

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CVD is cardiovascular disease. Since massive weight gain and diabetes can be caused by the meds, it’s not surprising. But if you have massive weight gain and diabetes, you and your doctor should be trying to mitigate that risk, such as with a med change, metformin, diet and exercise.