Severe headache from holding a fart

And then you don’t wonder why people get antisocial.

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Get a referral from your Pdoc to go see a Fartologist. :wink:

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Oh i laughed out loud on this one :smiley:

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Well, I am serious about this one. Man’s inhumanity to man.


Not really. Are you in a “feel no pain” mood?

:flushed::scream::mask: !?!
take care :alien:

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Actually, i think you should patent that lucide insight as an orginal contribution to contemporary psychology.
Of course you’d need some kind of elaboration. …

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Nothing to elaborate about. You fart, you get yelled at, you fart again and the learned response is a headache.

Hmmm I was thinking about something entitled as " The Influence of fart suppressing on interpersonal development of young adults".


Or the affects of having a headache on social development.

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I keep waiting for @asgoodasitgets to chime in here…

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whoa Nellie. fart discussions

sounds like a brain fart only you can smell it :wink: