Serious mood swings on Abilify 300mg?

I’ve been experiencing mood swings for a while now, but I think that my condition recently worsened since I’ve lowered my dose of Abilify from 400 to 300mg

For the most part, I feel really depressed and really tired with sucidial thoughts sometimes, but sometimes I feel really euphoric, creative and really confident in myself, and mood swings can happen really fast.
For exemple, I was thinking about killing myself yesterday, then my mood suddenly brighten up in less than 5 minutes and I had on repeat a catchy song and then started to dance to it for 1h.

I can’t bear it anymore. Also Abilify is the only medication that I’m taking as for now because I’ve been diagnosed schizophrenic but my new pdoc think I was misdiagnosed, but hopefully, I’m seeing her tomorrow


only side effect I get on Abilify is I sleep a lot, keeps my moods stable

I’m on Abilify 300mg and have to take a mood stabilizer,

I think that’s pretty common.

Sounds like mixed states - I get them all the time.
Discuss your medication options with your pdoc.
Maybe your doctor can increase your Abilify dose.

Thanks for all of these quick replies. I swear, my life is like a nightmare since I’m experiencing those serious mood swings. I can’t go to college anymore, especially due to those depressed phases that make me unable to do things, that I want to do, but I can’t.
I’ll see with her if she can increase the dose again, and she will probably prescribe me a mood stabilized with that.

300mg? Did you mean 30mg? 300 seems…excessive?

injection I imagine

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Ah. That makes more sense.

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That’s it. I have an injectable monthly dose of Abilify. I should have mentioned it.

Abilify 300 mg? Is it a once in a month injection ? I know Abilify 30 mg is maximum dose. Never heard of abilify dosage more than that.

Mood stabilizer? Sz aff spectrum? Seems unusual.

I get the 400 mg Abilify injection, never had the 300 mg. I don’t get mood swings, but then I take a mood stabilizer (Lamictal); I have schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type.

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Talk with your doctor about your concerns. I’m sorry you’re having to go through these things mood swings are the worst. Did you struggle with these issues before the abilify??

So, saw my pdoc yesterday, and she gave me a mood stabilizer that I started in the same time. Overall, as for now, I feel a little bit more focused, less tired and more engaged to do things. But I feel “dull and dumb”.
She told me that my mood swings were probably related to the fact that I lowered my Abilify dosage because Abilify is also used as a mood stabilizer.

I also had intense highs on abilify I had to stop it. It made me so manic I had white flashing lines in my eyes. Was hectic.

What mood stabaliser u taking?

She gave me Dépamide, a less powerful version of the Depakote.

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