Sensory overload

I’m suffering from sensory overload today, an unfortunate byproduct of my anxiety.

Essentially, it’s when it feels like my senses are burned out from being overstimulated, and any input feels intense, threatening and intrusive.
If I can’t alleviate it in time, I lose the will/ability to speak, and even the thought of making words with my mouth makes me cringe.

They’ve installed a fan at my office right behind me because the ac doesn’t work.
The fan is noisy, and I strongly dislike the feeling of uneven gusts of cold winds constantly touching my skin.
It eats at me until it gets to be too much, and I spend my breaks hiding in a bathroom stall.

Is there anything I can do to keep from getting overloaded daily? I don’t have noise cancelling headphones.


Do you get smoke breaks? They could help?

A few, but only for like 10 minutes at a time

@Jimbob can’t believe you are actually suggesting she smokes.

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Well, smoking does usually calm me down and forces me to breathe deep breaths.

I had a fit at my old job when I was told I couldn’t wear my noise cancelling headphones

The distractions in an open plan office are terribly horrific! I sympathise

My sensory overload happened about a week ago when I had too much on my schedule at the weekend, so I just dropped everything and spent 3 days in bed to recover

Those cheap foam earplugs work a lot like noise canceling headphones.

Moving helps me: rocking, shaking my legs.

Leave a jacket at work. Can you work less hours?

I had to stop rocking when I lived in a group home because the caretakers said it made me look sicker than I was.
I learned to redirect the energy to my fingers and toes, which are more socially acceptable to move/wiggle.

Maybe I’ll look into getting earplugs. I bet I could hide them under my headset and pretend to be listening to music.

I can’t afford to work less hours, and working from home is not an option yet. But I may look into it if this keeps happening.

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I hate those that make us stop rocking. My dad always tried to get me to stop. It’s ADAPTIVE! There is an actual point to it that helps some of us.

Sorry, that’s one of my hot buttons.

I agree. It’s selfish for caretakers to ask us to appear normal so they won’t feel weird watching us stim the way we need to.
If I have enough pent up nervous energy that I need to rock back and forth to release it, despite being fully aware of how it looks, just let me do it.

And don’t get me started on the whole “quiet hands” thing


Hmm. . .

Truth Will Tell The Truth Of It’s True Truth When Truth Sets It Free To Wander Within Truth |||+||| :yum:

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ah yea i am always rocking back and forth… but nobody said i should stop doing that… either i’m rocking back and forth or i’m pacing around.

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