Self stigmatization

At 80, I have perfectly stigmatized myself in regard to my family and society. I’ve told myself to stop beating myself up because of the SZ. In simple conversation, I often put myself down with awkward remarks about my mental health and the illness.


So you’re not going to demean yourself anymore? If so, that’s great :slight_smile:


Being diagnosed with schizophrenia sunk me into a much deeper depression, it took me a long time to come to terms with it. But my depression faded a few years ago and I quit my antidepressant, not that it helped much. I am much happier now. CBT helped me learn about my bad thought processes and how to fix them. I used to beat myself up too, but I don’t anymore.


You’ve done excellently to reach the grand age of 80!

Are there any secrets to your success? Did you not smoke, eat healthily and exercise for example?


Congratulations! Surviving to 80.

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I don’t know what keeps me going day after day.I used to smoke heavily. I was diagnosed with emphysema, but I don’t have emphysema. SZ isolates one. Far from the madding crowd, I don’t have to put up with other people much!

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