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I want a personal MRI machine or some kind of special camera that would allow me to see my brain, I don’t know though how to get a hold of one of these or if it is even possible in regards to the camera. I really want to scan my brain now because up until this point I thought my lowered cognitive skills and memory was just due to an imbalance in brain chemicals but I am starting to consider that I might have some brain damage from going through my Schizophrenia. One of these devices would be so useful for me and would be of the most importance because the well-being of your brain is very important and with this device I would be able to track the actual progress of my brain and see how different lifestyle decisions impact my brain and see if my brain is becoming worse or better over time. It is very difficult to get a CT scan. If you request it to a doctor, they need a very good reason to do the CT scan, plus it is extremely expensive. My question basically is: Does anyone know how to make a special camera to see the brain? And is this even possible? Please help. Also I’m pretty sure this can’t be done with just infra-red or ultra-violet because I have worked with those kinds of cameras before and they can’t see through things.

You MIGHT - I DOUBT IT - but you MIGHT be able to build an actual MRI magnet - JUST the magnet itself. Assuming you COULD build one - what are you going to DO with it??!!! Good luck getting anyone to offer you a contract to perform MRI scans for them - or a radiologist to interpret them. It is a vicious circle. No one will sign a contract for service with you without a proven track record that the unit will properly produce diagnostic Images — and you cannot produce diagnostic images without the referral pathway a contract for services provides.

Also an MRI Magnet is WORTHLESS without the needed software to “massage” the data into images. The computer specs needed to provide the computer power - and speed - needed to run such software - cannot be found sitting on the shelf in your local Walmart outlet.

Next we turn to the coils needed to acquire the data which ultimately gets turned into images. Yes - as you may have guessed - the coils are NOT cheap!!! A single coil can easily cost in the mid to high five figure range - and sadly a “one coil does all solution” does not exist.

Most MRI machines will have a minimum of 4–5 coils - and that is BEFORE we start talking about specialty MRI areas like cardiac. How about Spectroscopy??? Have you any idea of the costs for developing and maintaining that capability - and the needed paraphernalia appertaining to it ???

These items listed above - while not an exhaustive list - are as crucial - if not more so - than the actual MRI unit itself. Assuming you “solve” those little problems listed above - WHO is going to maintain the unit??? An MRI is extremely “high maintenance” and those service costs run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars EACH year.

You also can’t just place it in a proverbial “cow shed” or your basement - and turn it on. The shielding requirements to establish and maintain a five gause (?sp) line are not cheap to achieve - as are the environmental conditions necessary to keep the magnet from over-heating and destroying itself.

Building a FUNCTIONAL MRI IMAGING SUITE - with all the necessary peripherals like I have referenced above is NOT achievable from a “mom and pop” approach.

IF you manage to produce a functional magnet - you will built a gigantic paperweight that will make items like the legendary plane Howard Hughes produced (The Spruce Goose) actually seem like a fantastic boon to mankind by comparison.

Thank you for your response, and just so you know an amateur has already built his own MRI machine and he used it to take pictures of the inside of a raw chicken. Type in “DIY MRI machine” on youtube and pick the video a couple down from the top.

Pic of my brain from a MRI


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Most likely there’d be nothing unusual. I’ve had a few scans and mri’s. I’ve seen a ct scan after a gran mal in the hospital and didn’t have enlarged ventricles although they were a little asymmetrical.

My MRI brain was close to normal. Something minor wrong in the limbic system.

There is absolutely no way he could build ever build an MRI or any brain scanning device other than a dangerously primitive X-ray device or useless EEG-like devices.

The magnet is extremely strong, it is turned on and off several times every second, the strength needs to be fine-tuned along with the speed, you need very sensitive sensors to pick up the magnetic signal when the magnets are off, and you need all of it to move continuously and perfectly aligned with all the other parts, and then you need extremely complicated computer programs to do the extremely complicated math required for actually making the photos.

Even though they’ve been out for many years, even the cheapest ones still cost about $150,000. They used to cost more than a hundred times more. This is technology that is way beyond the abilities of any single individual to manufacture and use.

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I don’t need help anymore. I just figured out the solution. I now have the technological capability to “map” the brain. I will not say anything about the nature of the device yet. All I will say for now is that it doesn’t use harmful x-rays, and doesn’t use magnetism either. For certain reasons I’m going to keep the technology top secret for now. Getting ahold of this technology is very cheap and easy and anyone can do it. When I release the knowledge of this technology, it will be of extreme help to every person on the planet. Any person will be able to see the health of their brain, map their progress, and see how different lifestyle changes affect their brain. I will release the knowledge of this technology in 15 days.

Shouldn’t this be in unusual beliefs ?


Only if what I was saying was made up. Except the technology I speak of is real.

This thread doesn’t belong in unusual beliefs. Unusual beliefs = delusions. This thread belongs in its original category because brain scanning is used to treat Schizophrenia, as well as anything else related to the brain.

Grandiose delusions

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Just because you are unable to comprehend what I am talking about does not make it a delusion. Plus either way you will be proven wrong in 15 days (On February 25th)

I think if you make a case to your doctor that you think you have brain damage, that’s a good reason to get the dr to order an mri. Do you have health insurance?


@K777. Why not just ask your doctor for a referral for an MRI? It’s not unheard of to have an MRI done of your brain just to rule out potential physical causes of your symptoms.


Thanks for the response. However unfortunately it is much more difficult than that to get an MRI ordered, I think. Plus the MRI would be very expensive both for the insurance company and myself. I have health insurance but it would probably still be a ton out of pocket.

Thanks for the response. That’s a good point and I’ll keep that in mind.

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It’s very easy for me to get an mri. What country do you live in?

I live in the United States of America.

Then I can assure you it’s easy to get an mri. I’ve had quite a few.