Seeing images in my mind I don't want to see please help!

Seeing images in my mind I don’t want to see please help, I think someone is doing this to me!!!

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Have some people who hate me and saying words to make me feel sick.

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Please see a psychiatrist about these problems. We can’t help you.

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I hate the US, but I am still going to give you the following advice.
I also feel persecuted.
What you need to do is this:
The way to fight these intrusive images is this:
You have to think hard about images you DO want to see.
Then, whenever negative images pop in your head, replace them with images that you DO want to see
(that you have prepared in advance).
Hold the images you do want to see in your head for a certain period, say half a minute.
Now, do this EVERY TIME that negative images pop into your head.
That’s the general method.
Having a good level of fitness, muscle strength and especially aerobic fitness,
and leading a healthy lifestyle will help you to a certain degree.


Maybe they’re intrusive thoughts?

Thanks Chess24 I will try this thank you and God bless.


Do you really know this to work?

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