Screwed from the start

Sometimes i cant help but feel that way. That my moms reputation alone is enough to push potential freinds away, let alone my family, the way i was raised, schitzophrenia. I never did anything wrong. I never dated a bad person or gotten into drugs or alcohol, never stole anything or hit anyone. But of course no one wants to give me a chance. After all they already saw me, on the news because my mom and grandpa almost killed eachother last night and no one wants that violence around them. And what about the time i took down the robber at the liquor store? Oh i saw your face and just assumed you robbed it. Why cant they remember the good times ive been on the news. The time i raised the most money on that cancer walk? And talked cultural awarness at Calpoly? Why do you just remember me being kidnapped, my familly fights, and all the other bad things around me? Just venting i guess. I cant help but think about how ridiculous my luck is sometimes.


I hear ya. That’s just the way some people are, they just want to see the negative.
When I was in fourth grade I got my dad a mug with for Fathers Day.
It had something written on it that was supposed to be funny for frazzled fathers.
“When I do something right no one remembers, when I do something wrong no one forgets”.

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