Schizophrenic Alone Long Term Boyfriend went to jail

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My name is Jeannette and I have been diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia for the last five years or so. My boyfriend went to jail in the middle of January and I have been alone here at our apartment with our roommate. I also have two turtles and a dog I am taking care of.

It is frightening, I received yet another denial letter from Social Security Disability. He had went to jail on a charge that had happened before I met him seven years ago. He has been able to call my phone every two weeks and I also have his phone here that he is able to call every two weeks as well.

He had worked and took care of us. He has a court date at the end of March. I also have to see a lawyer next week. I had just got out of the hospital for emergency gall bladder surgery when he got picked up by the police. Nothing to serious where he will be gone for years, I think he can beat the charges since somebody had set him up for selling pills to them. The person that this happened with has been convicted of all kinds of charges.

I have another room in our apartment that I can rent out to pay for the rest of the rent that the other roommate pays half of but I feel weird not paying anything unless my boyfriend Josh is around.

I started a Go Fund Me Campaign. So far I used my email contacts and my Grandma, Aunt, doctor, and one of my friends from Facebook donated. So far I have been able to raise $180 towards my rent. I thought perhaps this would be a great place to leave a widget in case someone might want to donate to my cause.

I would appreciate anything at all. I could not input the link for some reason but you can find me on Go Fund

Find under: Other (catagory)

Under: Jeannette Rent Zip code 18505



I won’t be able to fund your go fund me but I can say it shouldn’t be too hard to get approved I heard 80 % of schizophrenics get approve you have to say stuff Ike your voices tell you to hurt people I guess to get approved

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i’m too broke to fund anyone else’s rent sorry. But usually jail or hospitalization gets an approval letter. unless they don’t think his illness had nothing to do with his arrest or hospitalization. Try to see if the county could order a psych exam while he’s in jail. my brother in law had a psych exam while in custody and got transferred out of state to a top notch drug treatment and mental hospital.

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I hear you may get denied up to two times before they finally approve you. My doctor says I absolutely cannot work. I am scared because it’s been me and him for the last seven years. I got sick five years ago and I was on unemployment for two years out of the five. So he has been supporting me for the last three years waiting for SSD. Thanks for the words of encouragement. He got a dog and turtles before he got locked up. Oh dear, I can barely take care of myself, nevermind them guys but it has me under stress to keep my apartment instead of going homeless. I guess that would be the easy thing to do since there is a homeless shelter in my area here in Scranton, PA.

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Dear cbbrown,

Thanks. It is me that has the Schizophrenia and him that is locked up. I just recently learned how to spell my illness. Well, I was denied twice for Social Security. I have all my quarters in to get Disability. I worked and had a good job my whole life and got sick when I was about 36 yrs old.

It’s just a little scary since I have been relying on him for everything. It’s freezing in Pennsylvania today. Just terrifying to possible be faced with homelessness.

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sorry to misread the thread, it’s hard for me to pay attention. It is possible to get social security with schizophrenia, just don’t give up. My dad has schizoaffective disorder like me and he gave up and relies on my brother and my mom. My mom has cancer and i’m worried if something happens to her who is going to support my dad. just go to as many doctor appointments as you can, preferably psychiatrists and therapists, the more appointments you go to the more proof that can be gathered.

First things first: You need to change your username to a name other than your real name. Online there can be people who will steal your personal information and stuff like that. Message @SzAdmin to get your name changed. Also edit your posts to take out your real name.

If you follow my advise, you will be getting a lot of money soon, so prepare yourself. I wasn’t prepared, so I spent mine willy nilly (mostly on bills, as my mom isn’t a star job getter, but that’s its whole own thread). If you need a car or a down payment on a house you’ll have money for it soon.

Contact a Social Security lawyer (have your current one refer you). Schizophrenia is called the “Golden Ticket,” because it is guaranteed to get you benefits. Also because it is one of the most horrible mental illnesses if not most horrible illness to have. Once you get this settled everything should fall into place.

I hope this helps.