Schizophrenia Treatments should not be limited to medications says the World Health Organization

Treatment of schizophrenia should not be limited to pharmacotherapy but should also include psychosocial interventions, says the World Health Organization (WHO).

Mohammad Taghi Yasamy, senior medical officer at WHO’s department of mental health and substance abuse, said such interventions can also help prevent some of the side effects of antipsychotic medications.

Many antipsychotic medicines increase appetite and, if not monitored regularly, can lead patients to develop diabetes. “Diabetes among these patients was two to three times more common than the general public,” Yasamy said, adding that they also developed hyperlipidaemia, where the blood fat increased and patients developed cardiovascular diseases.

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Thank you for posting this article…

After being on this forum as much as I have and seeing how a lot of people here have been going after CBT or hypnotherapy or ECT other help with side effects, break through symptoms, and other problems… on their own… under their own volition…

It some times makes me feel like the professional world is a bit behind sometimes.

But I am glad to see them catching up.

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Why schizophrenia treatments be limited to medication ?
=The reason for this is due to the adherence of biological psychiatrists
to unsuitable theories,which interested in diagnosis the cause that
lead to the schizophrenia

=they can not reject these theories,because they find that
these theories are rightly in most cases of disease

-they can not find another suitable theory agree with
the scientific believes of them
=they believe in the primacy of genetic/chemical events
for the psychological/emotional and mental events

they believe that,the brain creates the mind,
the gene creates the behavior
then,all types of human behavior are a product
of biochemical processes in the brain

Then,the ill brain,defective gene and abnormal chemistry
must be causing ill mind,bad behaviors
Based on these ideas,they look to the person
with sz as someone suffer from ill brain,defective gene
and it must be there is abnormal chemicals in the brain

they believe that,correction the abnormal chemistry
in the brain of schizophrenic individual causing
the modification of the bad behavior.,and it is
supposed that taking medication must be achieve the CURE
without needing to any psychological intervention or else ,like
what is happens with all genetic diseases !!

in practice,after any period time of medication,there are many
psychological,emotional ,mental and behavioral symptoms
stay alive “existed” in the person

if there is no self-intervention,psychological intervention,social
and family care,the person lives his lifetime with these symptoms

in sum,whatever the degree of the improvement in conditions
of the person by medication,but the disease theory about
the cause of sz is wrong and not enough to achieve the cure

although we can not reject the medical intervention,because
the human have not any other means to save the life of the person
specially during the time of early-first stage events of schizophrenia

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Unfortunately that is all that we have right now. No cure, you are right.

For history record, “AbAt” say that:
whatever the cause of sz, both of medication and cause of sz have impact
on biochemistry of the brain in contrary direction
1-the medication have not any impact on the functional activities of sz cause,
so that
the existence time of sz in the schizophrenic do not related to the period
time of medication( the person must be feel the existence of sz inside himself by
any degree, WITHER he takes medication or get off)

2-in practice,the self immunity system becomes able to fighting the
impacts of sz cause on the balance state,day-by-day without external
intervention (self-adaptation}

3- Both of psychological intervention and the cause of sz have impact on
the cognitive content of the schizophrenic in contrary different directions
-the behavioral intervention do not impact on the cognitive activity of sz cause,
the sz will be stays in the person and feels it by any degree wither he takes this
treatment or else

the human genetic characteristics have not the ability to kill the cause of sz
or blocking his activities in the mind-brain of the schizophrenic

the medical intervention have impact on the chemistry of the BRAIN
the psychological intervention have impact on the cognitive content of MIND
cause of sz have impact on the chemistry of the BRAIN and the cognitive content of MIND