Schizophrenia is the answer, but there is no cure for this illness,


libeled or not your a its the answer, to the med we take , just how come it is that people can get temporary schizophrenia from Drug over dose, on meth and other hard drugs, and recover in days but nature birth schizophrenia lasts a life time…?


Why do innocent children get cancer, why do people lie. It’s just the way it is, also if you get schizophrenia from anywhere it’s permanent. But yes it’s unfortunate what we have to deal with.


Yes but it all depends on the occurence of Sz . Some people get it genetically and some get it in a medical trauma. This is called acute Schizophrenia and can be cured completely. It’s the genetic one which happens on it’s own, is difficult to treat.


Yeah family history can be a sign and often, like my family, they don’t speak of those things. If I’d known family history sooner it could have helped me out some.

As to others. A large number recover drugs or not from first episode and move on. I think that if you found out the difference between them and us, the ones who carry the burden for life, you’d probably be doing well.

Fate my friend. Put it down to fate.


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