Schiz to saf to schiz again

I was originally diagnosed psz. wich was very accurate to my symptoms at the time and over my llife time up to that time and even beyond it for a period of six yrs. then moved state and after two visits was re-diagnosed as schizoaffective…but I didn’t know it.

I didn’t find out until yrs later that my diagnosis had been changed. I was just worried that sza wasn’t going to be “bad enough” to keep me on disability. my provider said they treat symptoms and don’t give too much to the diagnosis sos far as treatment goes. But I KNEW that I was NOT sza.

I have a pervasive depressive mood disorder. however my sz symptoms occur even when the depression is not present. and for many period of months or even yrs. so I know that it is sz. I am pretty diligent about typing out my progress andsymptoms occurring and circumstances going on in my life to give my provider a good idea of what is really ging on with me instead of me having to remember everything in the last week or two or even three. who can?

On a particular visit I was doing quite badly and my provider got on her knees and said in front or to me, “with schizophrenia it is common to…” and went on with whatever she was saying to me at the moment.

So there! she finally admits over a period of seeing her for about 6yrs and having a documented file (my journals), and hers of my circumstances, moods, and symptoms, or lack of mood and realized what my original psychiatrist diagnosed me as. as opposed as to a psychnurse seeing me for two 15 min visits and changing my diagnosis bc she is SO WISE lol.

I know the diagnosis for most doesnt’ matter. and it hasn’t changed the course of my treatment. bu t when review for my disability comes. I don’t want my diagnosis to be changed.

I have sz with an accompanying, but separate major depressive mood disorder.
thanks for reading such a long andmaybe mundane, to you, post. I think it’s more therapeutic for me to get it out.

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I think it’s not going to matter for disability if sz or sza as there is not that much difference. SZA is basically SZ with the mood disorders and are classified as such - either Depression or Bipolar. Bipolar is mood shifts of mania and depression. Bipolar was called manic depression in the past (if you didn’t know already). Mostly with SZA the mood shifts and the thought patterns seem to come in cycles although there really seems no pattern sometimes. SZA seems a very new diagnosis so it’s understandable about any confusion. I think that is the case even with the doctors, As long as the meds are working that’s all that matters. But even with a solid diagnosis you will most likely suffer from other symptoms. So I find it best to just focus on getting help with the symptoms as they arise

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