Say Anything - LXXIV 🤓

Place your hair on a heart and sh-boom. :slight_smile: Gotta get going soon, happy to hear you’re alright, don’t go and ■■■■ it up. :slight_smile:


I’m going to have to be mostly quiet and follow what city laws I can while I abide with the law quietly.

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had a dream that i went back on olanzapine then woke up with super blurry vision like i used to when i was on it. must be from the benadryl i took, thinking back i never felt like im losing my ■■■■ like i do on the med im on now but it may be from benzo withdrawal. i wish it was as simple as just taking a med and everything becomes normal but there is so much messed up stuff, like the fact that i gained 170 lbs in a year on olanzapine and slept 80% of the day

I feel cute today. Dressed kind of feminine but I like it so who cares lol


Morning everyone, hope all Is well.

Voices are picking on me, woke up out of a bad dream to the crowd. Confused and still half asleep I woke up alone not knowing where I was or why it was so noisy. not a pleasant way to wake up.

Mood is fighting to stay good, won’t let voices keep me down, least I should try to not let them get me down.

Thinking has cleared up since I woke up hard. know where and when I am, know who I am. It came back slowly, but I’m back, and the nightmare has faded.

Negatives are to early to tell.

Wishing everyone a good day!


Morning. I’ve had my first cup of coffee and about to go get a second. I wasn’t really able to sleep last night so I listened to some music but it didn’t really help. But I wasn’t thinking and now my hearing aids are dead, so I’ve got to wait for them to charge. Everything is eerily quiet. I kind of forget how much I can’t hear since I’ve gotten used to the hearing aids. Makes me wonder how I ever thought that was normal! lol


@Lifer. Regarding your post on the last Say Anything thread. My dad got free horse manure from a friend. That’s what he used as fertilizer for his garden.

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My internet sucks butt, it’s so frustrating!
I’m getting long tits trying to get it to work


Went shopping. Got an eggplant for eggplant steaks smothered with mozzarella for supper tonight. Dad’s making chowmein to go with it.

Listening to Rammstein’s We’re all living in America. Good song.

Went to the thrift store and scored on a cool wine accessories box or kit. Lots of stuff for the money. My dad says I’m turning into him. Haha. I’m not quite that bad. He’s always buying and selling stuff. I just flip stuff that interests me.

Take care everyone.



Damn @Pikasaur you’re really having some crappy days here lately. You gonna be ok?

I watched a really good movie last night called Surviving on the Margins. It had English subtitles on Netflix.
@ThePickinSkunk I do crafts with the stuff I get from the ReStore. I buy 50 cent pic frames and put colorful pics in them.


Well they aren’t as long as mine unfortunately. You give birth to one child and your boobs go south!!!

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i think i will go back on olanzapine, and probably benzos too. feel like my brain has had a breach since i switched meds and benzo withdrawal has made it even more messed up, ill sleep alot and be fat if it means i wont feel like i want to kill myself


Well, I went to my GP. He drew labs. Hes concerned about my weight, my kidneys, anemia among other things. I should hear something in less than a week.

I’m scared.

I’m also having an EGD where you swallow a pill with a camera inside. I thought someone was pranking me. I’m nearly over seeing cameras in my house… man.

Has anyone had this test done?


Never heard of such a thing :open_mouth:


Me either. I’m not experienced in this area.


I had my intake at my new therapy office. It went okay. J think I got everything out I needed to. Were going to do exposure response therapy


■■■■ psychosis, ■■■■ benzo withdrawal, i will be on the strongest antipsychotic and benzos for the rest of my life if i have to


@JustTrish @Mountainman

It’s a small camera in a vitamin shaped and sized pill, It takes 360 degree photo or video while it passes through.

often times used for getting a view of the small intestine where traditional scopes would be dangerous.

You’ll pass it and collect it, probably won’t feel anything at all, and they’ll read the data to try to find variants to a healthy GI.

They’re pretty cool,

Nurse Ooorgle



I’ll be fine. I’m just complaining a lot.
And getting long tits is a danish expression. For a male you might say getting long onions, referring to his scrotum, haha


Thanks so much, Oooooorgle! You mean I have to check my poo until it comes out? Gross!

Tell me this… if I had completed the upper gi with small bowel follow through, would I be doing this? I had to leave before it was finished.

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