Sarcosine thread

Can we get rid of those 2 thread ! One is about sarcosine? There’s no activity on them it seems. They never go away, should I flag them as ‘boring!’?

I think it is advertising to fund this site.

Moved to Meta.

The threads are necessary, if someone wants to know about Sarcosine, it has great information.
If you scroll all the way to the end, they will unpin on their own, and you won’t have to see them if you don’t want to.


Think you can ‘unpin’ them by clicking on the little pin icon.

Thanks! The l-thaninev (so?) remains, the pin icons not working like the sarcosine thread… Did you change something? L-theanine (sp?)

I scroll and scroll, never reach a he end…

Yay, got that pin finally, it’s gone from my screen now, thanks!

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Where are the two threads now : sarcosine L-Theanine?

@Minnii : I think it was better when they remained at the top of the threads list. Maybe could they remain at the top of medications category?

They are still pinned. Once you’ve read it, they unpin. For new users, or the ones that didn’t read it or unpinned it, they’re still there.

Is sarcosine stimulating?

I think I would like to try sarcosine.
How does one buy the other supplements please?
Is there a link to where they can be purchased on line?


Sarcosine makes me feel like i had a diet coke but its healthy. so it gives a little pep and cheers me up a little… i sometimes cut back but lately i take it again :slight_smile:

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