Saffron & depression

This may sound a bit strange, but I was wondering if anyone has experience with using saffron (spice) and noticed a benefit?

I drank saffron tea a couple of days and noticed it immediately seemed to lift some of the depression, anhedonia, anxiety and delusions (which in my case are very much connected to the depression/anhedonia). I could even socialize more, have genuine attention for my son and chat happily with strangers, like I wasn’t capable of doing anymore. I wasn’t euphoric, but i had the first normal day in weeks/months. My parents noticed the difference too,

I’ve read saffron (in doses of 30mg a day) works as an antidepressant and antianxiety med and counteracts the social withdrawal and cognitive impairments etc caused by ketamine (mousemodel mimicking schizophrenia… if you believe in that). In ancient persian medicine it was used as an antidepressant.

I don’t want to stimulate others to randomly experiment with all sorts of substances…but it had a surprisingly good effect on me and I wondered if anyone ever used it and noticed effect. Either in food, tea or as a “medicine”. I’m a little bit scared to really start using it, because I don’t know enough about the interactions, longterm effects and withdrawal and I don’t want to get addicted.

Any experiences, coincidentally?

Sounds promising but last I remember saffron real saffron is like 340 dollars an ounce

It’s expensive and you need the real, good saffron. But you need only a tiny bit. I bought 1 gram of Iranian saffron for 6,70 euros (7,50 dollars). You need only 30g a day. I am not starting it as a daily drug, so it’s not that expensive.

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saffron is part of ancient ayurvedic system of india .it is used synergically along woth onions and garlic
for schizophernia and sexual wel being


That is interesting! Thanks!

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I wondered… how do you have such knowledge of Ayurveda? Have you studied it, are you Indian, have you used ayurvedic medicine yourself? Might get to see an Ayurvedic doctor… I like their philosophy…

well yes ayurveda has less side effects compared to conventional medicine works better for negative symptoms and slightly less effective for positive symptoms works slowly though but works at the root cause thereby elimnating conmtinous treatment .yes i live in india . I am more of a patient of anxiety.i had a good exp with ayurvedic medicine . a herb called centella asiatica helped me prevent a sure episode of schizophernia .it also relieved my depression .however it did not reduce my sound sensitivity a vital reason for which it was given to me .but i did not take the full course becuase of excessive sleep caused by it interfering with my work.planning to try it though Ayurveda beleives in a holistic approach and classifies patients into a tleast three subtypes.will write more about it

I’m just mad about Saffron…


I found saffron with fair pricing since i dont want to use chemicals for enhancing my mood.
Their saffron is natural and i love the smell
Their website is
I keep using their saffron for a long time now and its realy working on me. Its not a one night process but its goood.

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I love saffron:heart:

It is a bit expensive though as it hand picked, delicate etc
It was always said to be more expensive than gold.

Safron buns they make at lucia time , just before xmas are lovely.

I love what i know of Ayur veda but the types may be to confusing for me…
but love the nurturing healing foods, massage n etc