Rumination - waste of energy

I have declared war against my own ruminations, i will rather be empty and blank than obsessed with my own distress. My strategy is simply to let the sad feeling stay in the system, go out and do stuff, without thinking about how it can go away.

Any other solutions will be appreciated. I don’t want to waste any more time ruminating.


I find certain supplements quiets the mind. You could try niacin, it has helped me a lot, but it doesen’t take full effect before after a few months. I am currently taking 500mg, which is a low dose for schizophrenia.

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Thanks, i often take a vitamin B complex, it helps a bit, i think there is niacin in it, i will check the dose.

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I think trying to accept your thoughts and feelings might be an effective strategy.

I’m trying to do the same. It’s hard, but I’ve made some progress.

I struggle a lot with overthinking and rumination.

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Also deep breathing exercises.

My advice is to keep doing them, even if you feel they aren’t helping. I tried them in the past and decided they didn’t help but later discovered I was not doing them as long and as often as I needed to.

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Good advice, the nurse im seeing, always tells me that my breathing is very restrained.

I am trying to “block” rumination by my own power of will, because my psychiatrist said that she might put my in esketamine treatment. Esketamine, i have read, nurtures neuroplasticity in a way that changes old negative habits of thought (rumination).

I think it’s better to try it by my own will, before undergo esketamine treatment (the drug is called “spravato”), But yes it’s not easy, old habits are difficult to throw away.

i also tend to ruminate. keeping active and busy helps me with this problem.

just thought i’d share. judy

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Thanks, @ifeelblessed
You are right.
This afternoon i walked for 3 hours around the city, just to keep my ruminations away. Im depressed at the moment, so keeping active is crucial. Running away from the bad thoughts.

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