Rough day 15151515

Went to get groceries. It was a bit crowded so I started reading nutrition labels on my food without disaster. I hope you guys have a good day tomorrow. Schools ok. Had a bipolar episode. ■■■■


Hang in there Rox. It’s hard work sometimes but be kind to yourself.

Too many times you need to think about options in your treatment. You really do.

Yeah. I’m 53 and I’ve changed meds a lot. Sometimes it’s worked horribly. Gone backwards. But sometimes it’s worked well and gone forwards…

It’s so much harder as we get older. We get into routines with meds and symptoms and we don’t think we can gain any further…I guess I’m saying if it’s not working it’s still worthwhile trying…

Chat to your treatment team and put you first! It’s important you need alternatives if things aint working!


Rogue I am getting harassed by Mexican dudes in the other bedrooms. He said hit her. Now they’re death threatening. No one is supposed to be above us as of now. There are squatters who yell at me and follow me once again I yelled at them that’s why I think they’re going to hit me.

Yeah but also your schizophrenic and hear things or feel things…

Don’t react and don’t buy into it but clearly the time for change with meds is upon you.

It’s the same old story rox. You need some peace so sort it out with your treatment team. You really may find some solace with some change in your meds.

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You’re right dear. I feel like I’m wasting my life away with worrying about people coming after me. They’re always yelling no one wants you. Nobody is this and that. I don’t care. Wow ya finally realized. I’m tired rogue. They can have my sun.

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Hey. Your putting so much energy into the negativity.

Try some different meds and seek some cool. Your cool Rox. Be cool!

It’s so hard but it’s worthwhile trying. Please. Tomorrow is another story but it’s worthwhile trying for better…it really is my friend.


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