Rock n roll will always be the best genre forever and forever

And Led Zeppelin will forever be the greatest band/artist of all time forever and ever.

Sure tastes will change with time. But still, led zepp will always be #1

Hey hey what can I do??

Hip hop/rap is definitely second for me and Tupac was one of the most amazing celebrities to ever live imo.

But classic rock I will be listening to in 2080 if I’m still alive.

I told my friend “I will listen to the Grateful Dead in 2080, u know what I won’t be listening to…anything that’s out today”.

No offense to your musical tastes but this music is just so amazing to me it’s like surreal to listen to over and over day after day 50+ years later


yep. agreed.

classic rock speaks to the soul.


And no one can replicate it today despite all the amazing new technologies in music. Well classic rock wasn’t about the technology. but why does nothing touch it.

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Born to Run took months to produce til the Boss got it right

others maybe first try. Still amazing that what we grew up is played on classic rock.

Lol not what I grew up on but yeah. I didn’t think music has been that great since the late 90s. It was good like every year before that especially to 1960 or so. Why do I gravitate to this music so much

My favorite bands in no order are
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Jefferson airplane
Fleetwood mac
Tom petty

Those are my favorite 8.


i totally agree with you.

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They were talking about Led Zeppelin on this late night, radio show a while back.

Supposedly the band was pretty into the occult in the 60’s and 70’s.

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That’s pretty cool :sunglasses:. Never knew much about their personality as a group outside the music. Jim Morrison is my favorite individual classic rock artist. And I know Pink Floyd personality because of syd Barrett.

But Led Zeppelin just all around so great :grinning:

Robert plant isn’t so popular considering he’s the lead singer of the greatest band ever.

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Forgot Janis Joplin’s groups. They’re top 9 for sure.

Every show now is how terrible all their depiction of women was

well, I bet you got a better corn to row.

My dad said when I was a kid that Robert Plant would be the best solo artist ever,

well, never happened.

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Yeah, now that I think about it you don’t hear too much about Plant these days.

I love Zeppelin too. And Jim Morrison was also awesome.

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You forgot Jimi hendrix

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I like indie rock, all the stuff that came from the smiths. And the sort of revival with guys like mac demarco from canada, though i dont like mac demarcos music a great deal in particular.

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I love Jimi Hendrix too. He was one of the most talented musicians ever. He’s probably my tenth favorite but I think he didn’t make as much music ,I mean he was in the military plus died young. Shouldn’t hold it against a man?? But something about the other bands I like more. He was mad cool just as a person in general but I like these other 9 bands better. My favorite Jimi Hendrix song is my first…his cover of all along the watchtower.

"it’s not your birthday anymore, I don’t gotta be nice to you.

Morrissey. Long live him

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There is hardly a famous classic rock group I don’t like tbh.

He’s doing a sort of folk thing, which I find weird. Though alot of my favorite groups dabble in folk. Hearkening back to guys like dylan and simon and garfunkel.

The shins
Vampire weekend

I very deeply love TMBG, which to me is sort of like nerdy primordial alternative rock.

I guess part of the whole indie thing is that guys don’t wanna be tied down. TMBG really do that.

I respect the group because their music makes me feel good about being myself and their output is enormous, probably neating 1000 songs!

So more of an indie pop indie rock sort of leaning.

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The White Stripes, Ray LaMontagnue, Michael Kuwantica, Kate Bush, and Nico Case.

Greta van fleet is pretty solid right now.

You mean you don’t even give honorable mention to Bruce Springsteen?