Risk of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Patients With Schizophrenia Treated With Antipsychotic Drugs: A Cross-sectional Study


I had high liver enzymes years before being diagnosed with sz but I didnt followup with Drs. After sz I did an abdominal scan and fatty liver was confirmed. Dunno if high liver enzymes are associated with fatty live, I always had high liver enzymes. Maybe aps worsened the fatty liver not sure but my liver enzymes remained the same as before sz.

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At first Dr told me to stop taking whey protein and supplements. But still years later liver enzymes remained high. My mother also has high liver enzymes and fatty liver.

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Yeah, I have elevated liver enzymes pretty much every time I get a blood test.


Dr said to not worry after he saw my liver scans.

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Do you also have fatty liver?

Doctors(Psychiatrist and Primary) took me off Trintellix when my enzymes were particularly high. I guess they went down some after I got off it.

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I have a blood test 15 June, lets see if my liver enzymes improve.

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Yes I have a fatty liver, probably due to the psych meds over the years.
I’m on a special low carb diet to help combat it.


I have a perfect liver…mainly because I only get drunk every six months…

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Yeah what if antipsychotics are the cause of my fatty liver?

What are my options?

Are meds like Abilify less risky?

@everhopeful do you have the answer?

Because looks like I’m stuck in a jam!

Really a good article @everhopeful.
So now they are saying that APs like Risperdal that raise prolactin are contributing to fatty liver disease.

WTF! Now more than ever I’m determined to get off of this drug!

The thing is my psychiatrist will probably deny it.

I am ■■■■■■■ doomed!

I don’t unfortunately. I guess fatty liver disease caused by antipsychotics would be managed in the same way as “normal” fatty liver disease though.

My liver blood tests were normal. But maybe I’m just lucky so far.

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