Resperidone ruined my life

I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH MILD PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA AND THE DOC PUT ME ON RESPERIDONE. I SUFFERED SIGNIFICANT SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS FROM RISPERIDONE.Since I am a student I had to give up on resperidone for this reason.By my memory never recovered a bit and its been 5 years and i have not been able to pass a single exam since then.Does anyone know how to get the memory back?Plz help me get my life back

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No guarantees, but have you tried taking these supplements?
Ginkgo Biloba, L-Theanine, Ginseng, and Eleuthero Root extract.
All these enhance brain function and help memory.


I wish I had known that this was a side effect… !

oh god how awful…wishing you the best…

There is a good chance that it is the illness and not the meds


Risperdol can… not everyone but some.

Risperdal may cause memory loss.
This drug may also cause the following symptoms that are related to memory loss:…

Im on Risperdal, sure my memory is not the greatest, but it was worse on Abilify - Its the illness. Meds can cause memory issues, but I think that AP’s causing serious memory loss is a rarity


I am on risperidone. My memory is not the greatest, but I still managed to get straight A’s, and perfect test scores on two of my last three tests. Study study study.

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Yay…memory must be ok because there’s a lot of short term involved with school unless you already have known it. I read on another site that it’s just a percentage that have memory loss, so not everyone experiences that.

If on risperidone, the patient’s memory hit the bottom around the second year, after that, the memory gets back a bit. I guess CarolineC may have taken risperidone for more than 3 years or just in the first year.


If your memory has not recovered in 5 years on no meds, I would think that it is not a permanent result of the medication as a side effect of risperdal/generics as side effects tend to be apparent while on the medication and for the first few months only after stopping them.

Have you considered that the memory loss might be a result of taking no medication at all and the paranoia itself taking hold? It’s extremely upsetting and confusing to suffer memory loss and failing tests as a result. My heart goes out to you. Try to keep your life on track in small ways, getting up at the same time, a familiar routine and medication and activities that calm you down a little can go a long way to kick start memory. If possible have your p.doc re-avaluate you.

You are amazing trying so hard with your studies in spite of the memory problems. I hope things improve, do not give up.


Orthoiodosupplementation works for that. I find that memory problems, attention problems and cognitive declines are reversible. It works fast.

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thanx everyone for the replies and encouragement. I have tried different supplements but they havent helped much.I was put on stelazine 6 months back but it didnt help with the memory either.But now I am interested in orthoiodosupplementation.I dont know what exactly it is.Is it simple iodine supplementation or what? Goggles can u plz put some ligght on orthoiodosupplementation and the name of the specefic supplement that i must use, thanx again everyone

i would also like to add that my memory was perfectly ok before takinG RESPERIDONE.Never had trouble with the memory before.

I’ve been on Risperdal, on and off, for years and years. Now, my pdoc declares that I have “mild cognitive decline”. He claims that it is due to the schizophrenia. But I have read through a lot of research on the internet, that doctors don’t really know what is causing all of this cognitive decline in psychiatric patients. And, they have no way of ethically finding out because they can’t do controlled studies. It would be unjust to with hold medications from patients who need them, in order to do controlled studies. So, it boils down to nothing more than a controversy, with no basis in fact.

@mylifeiswonderful68 For me personally, I never had cognition problems with any of the antipsychotics - I am pretty sure for me, I will have some cognition problems when my illness acts up.
But I do believe you when you say that your cognitive decline is coming from the Risperdal - I am very med sensitive and get a lot of the side effects from these drugs, but I do not experience too many cognitive issues with these meds, but I will start to get memory issues and cognition problems when I am quickly switched from one antipsychotic to another or from the illness itself.

I will get other major side effects from the AP’s like high blood sugar, hormonal issues - metabolic, weight gain etc…
For me personally, these meds have helped me with my cognition - but everyone is different

Ryan Reitmeyer’s story re memory recovery. I’ve done this training and it really works. The current Posit Science training program is located at:

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Hi John

I suspect the real reason for your memory loss is probably the psychosis / schizophrenia you’ve experienced. Here is the latest research:

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Yeah you might be able to retrain your brain a little bit. Don’t really know of any good resources for this. It just takes practice. Maybe try lumosity to get a gauge on your current mental state.

I’m on respiridone and my memories don’t really come flowing to me at any point it takes conversation or being triggered by something I’m watching or reading. I think I’ve just sort of adapted to the new condition.

More what my point is, the memories are in there they are just sort of locked up and unused.

Sounds like school would be a real challenge, good for you for not giving up.

P.s. I do feel like my memory is coming back when I try to use it. In my case I think it was more the psychosis that did the damage. It was a major distraction from my past, the worst of it lasted about half a year.

Good luck man

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I have read that the research they have done on “Luminosity”, shows that it does not work to improve memory. The best ways to improve memory and brain function are to: read, learn to play musical instruments, socialize, and do crossword puzzles. I have been reading and playing the piano for years and my memory is still declining. My pdoc stated to me that my memory is poor because of my many years of sz. My memory has always been poor. And it is getting much worse lately. I guess I just have to do my crossword puzzles and keep playing!