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I have a rare sleep disorder known as Non-24 sleep wake disorder. It’s the main reason I can’t work.

I’m kinda of thinking of looking for a remote job. I work on software. I’d like a job where it doesn’t matter the hours you work but as long as you get things done they are happy. I can’t really do scheduled work.

For those who work remotely, are there meetings you have to attend? I’d be worried I would be asleep and miss meetings.

Disability can get boring having nothing to do.

  • Stay on SSDI
  • Look for a Remote Job

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Can you do both?

I’m on benefits but I understand the problem at heart. Look. It doesn’t harm you till you actually accept the job but keep the door open if you have to return. I’m not sure of your system but over here you can always go back to benefit if your job fails.

I’d say look for something that fits your lifestyle and keep on keeping on.


Yeah I could always try and if I need to leave again. In the US there’s a trial work period.

My boss at my old job wants me back but they do the 9-5 thing. They do have flexible schedules but not quite enough for me.

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Yeah if that won’t work look for more flexible solutions. You don’t have to give up the benefits in the mean time and there’s probably some non linear solutions to your problem out there. Just takes some looking which isn’t a bad thing.

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I feel you. You can work (I think) 9 months out of a five year period and make as much as you can/want during that time. After that time passes, you have a limit to how much you can make and still maintain SSDI. I found Ticket to Work to be useless. I wanted part-time work, and they basically told me they’d only help if it meant getting me off of disability. Phht.

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My old job in the MIC payed so well that I’m tempted to go back but I know it will never happen. My boss was a great guy too, miss him and my team. We keep in touch still. Wouldn’t want to disappoint him by leaving again.

Yeah Ticket to Work isn’t great.

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They said to me work whatever but expect meetings between 10am and 4pm


I’ve worked fully remote and my husband currently runs a team fully remote.

In my work, I could do whatever I wanted when I wanted, as long as it all got done by a deadline.

My husband’s team is different.

They’re still expected to be working business hours and have to be availiable for meetings during that time.


I work remotely in the IT industry. We have a daily 30min meeting, for which attendance is strongly encouraged but not required. I could work at night if that floated my boat (it doesn’t), although on rare occasions I need to synchronize with other coworkers when planning, developing or testing miscellaneous software features.

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