Rebuilding your life with Schizophrenia - news story

A good story of recovery:

Richard Schweizer was diagnosed with schizophrenia just over a decade ago. Since then, the 33-year-old has, with the help of his father, business lawyer Norbert Schweizer, 65, managed to rebuild his life and achieve academic success.

Norbert’s story
Richard’s schizophrenia presented as far back as November in 2003, when he was 22. My wife Sonja found him sitting on the floor in the middle of his bedroom, crying. She phoned me at work and I came straight home. It was very confronting. Richard told us about hearing voices that told him to do terrible things, voices that told him he was worthless. He said he’d been unwell for about three months. We took him to our family doctor who prescribed medication for schizophrenia. Facing the fact that my son might have this disease was definitely the worst day of my life.
Richard was admitted to The Sydney Clinic the next day and was there for the next eight weeks. He was frightened out of his mind. I was ■■■■-scared, too. My darkest moments occurred in those early days.

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He had parents who were well off. That makes recovery much simpler.

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It was in Australia - where they have universal healthcare coverage - so virtually all healthcare is covered by the state. I think that might be a bigger factor in his recovery. Australia is a leader in schizophrenia treatment.